SamWare Consultancy is specialized in database and platform migrations and over the last 10 years a lot of legacy systems have been migrated to open systems with the aid of our tools.

With this very sophisticated set of tools we can convert legacy network databases, like CA IDMS or Bull IDS2 to relational databases, like IBM DB2, Oracle or MS SQL-server.

We also have tools to emulate legacy transaction-processing, like IBM CICS with IBM3270 terminals or Bull TP8 with VIP7007, VIP7700 and QUESTAR terminals.

This highly superior set of tools incorporates many features that competitive systems can only realize at exorbitant costs, or not at all.

As, on top of this, the conversion is fully automated, the implementation time is a matter of weeks, not months or years and ... the automated procedure is error-free!

As the legacy Cobol application conversion can be done at compiler level the Cobol coding is not touched.