Our products are oriented on the modern market requirements which favourably distinguishes us from our competitors and lets us gain remarkable competitive advantage.

Our products line includes: 

  • Legacy platform migration         Bull DPS6, DPS7 or DSP9 or IBM system-Z => Unix, Linux or MS Windows
  • Network database conversion tool  Bull IDS2 or CA IDMS-DB => Oracle, IBM DB2 or MS SQL server 
  • Transaction emulation layer       Bull TP8 or IBM CICS => Tuxedo server or SamWare Transaction Emulation Layer (TEL) server
  • Terminal emulation layer          Bull VIP7007, VIP7700, Questar or IBM3270 => Tuxedo client or SamWare TEL client
  • Batch conversion tool             Bull or IBM JCL => Unix shell scripts
  • Cobol conversion tool             Bull Cobol or IBM Cobol => Micro Focus Cobol

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